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A Happy New Year!

Candle Star Snow Fondue


This year the advent is the shortest possible.

Weihnachtsmarkt Weihnachtsmarkt Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausmarkt Nikolausmarkt Lights Weihnachtsmarkt Wreath

Early Winter

In November we had rain, a museum visit and the first snow of the season.

Drops Städel Städel Leave


This fall we made a trip to Frankfurt and Bad Homburg.

Eagle Web Mushroom Palace Leaf Dusk Cornflower Leaf

Senckenberg Museum

The once every 500th years holiday at the 500th anniverary of the Reformation Day allowed us to visit the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt.

Leaves Tooth Skeleton Cabinet

Opel Zoo

A visit to the Opel Zoo in this rainy October.

Lizard Snake Cheetah Flower


A night and day in London.

Terrace Tunnel Eye Palace Bridge Tower Britannia ExCeL London Lamp Trafalgar Selfridges

Flowers, flowers, flowers, ...

Summer time is flower time.

Fern Orchid Flower Silene

Blickachsen 11 im Kurpark Bad Homburg

Strolling through the Park in Bad Homburg and enjoying the Blickachsen exhibition. This is the eleventh Blickachsen exhibition showing sculptures in Bad Homburg and Frankfurt Rhein Main.

Pavilion Placements Isabella Volumes

Palmengarten Frankfurt

A gorgeous day in the Palmengarten.

Haemanthus coccineus Seerose Seerose Jatropha integerrima Hibiscus Cactus Anemone Lilium

Frankfurt Zoo

A beautiful day at the zoo.

Ameisenbär Rostkatze Gibbon Kleinkantschil


Summer is here with flowers, sunsets and some rain.

Toadflax Bud Bumblebee Daylily

Vietnam Danang

Our daughter did a one year pupil exchange with a school in Hanoi. We were very happy that this year now ended and we were able to go to Vietnam, spend a week in Hanoi and one week in Danang. Best we were flying back together.

Furama Flamboyant Hymenocallis Plumeria Bridge Boats Bridge Lights MySon MarbleMountains Cave Dragon

Vietnam Hanoi

Our daughter did a one year pupil exchange with a school in Hanoi. We were very happy that this year now ended and we were able to go to Vietnam, spend a week in Hanoi and one week in Danang. Best we were flying back together.

Tree Temple Flower Lake Halong Halong Cave Butterfly Boat Longhouse Hanoi Parade

Sunset & Flowers

Clear sky, sunset and flowers. It feels like summer.

Blowball Sunset Cat Veronica

Opel Zoo

This time we had bad luck and a rather rainy day with the animals of the Opel-Zoo.

Zebra Elephant Duck Deer

Spring blooming

Every flower is blooming and also cats and dogs come out to enjoy sun.

Tulip Tulip Tulip Bouquet

Opel Zoo

Enjoying a beautiful day in the Opel-Zoo.

Blackbuck Panda Muntjac Monal

Palmengarten blooming

End of April many of the many flowers in the Palmengarten are blooming.

Sumpfdotterblume Wüstenrose Latern Spinnenblume Iris Cactus Blue Flower

Early spring

Spring is coming. The flowers start to bloom but we still got some snow. It is still cold but some sunny days give a glimpse of what hopefully will come soon.

Crocus Rose Dusk Bloom Cherry Blue Lamprocapnos Snow

Opel Zoo

This time we used the beautiful day for the Opel-Zoo.

Love Glanzfasan Fern Impala

Frankfurt Zoo

Another sunny day visiting Frankfurt Zoo again.

Watching Vulture Speeding Dornschwanzagame

Frankfurt Zoo

After visiting the Opel Zoo we used sunny Spring day to visit the Frankfurt Zoo.

Fossa Roar Rhino Rüsselhündchen

First blossoms in the Palmengarten Frankfurt

February is still cold but we thought we can enjoy some blossoms in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt and we were not disappointed.

Koralleneibisch Venusschuh Leaves Flower Zaubernuss Kiss Flamingoblume Sarracenia

Opel Zoo in Winter

We have the luxury to have two nearby zoos. Although still winter we used two sunny days to visit the private Opel Zoo.

Giraffe Nandu Penguin Nyala


Back home we enjoyed the remaining cold days with some snow and had even time to visit the porcelaine museum in Frankfurt-Höchst.

Snow Miscanthus sinensis Porcelaine Rose

Mediterranean escape

In January the temperature were long time below zero degree Celcius. Instead of freezing we used a businesstrip to escape to a spring like environment around 20 degrees.

Freeway Sunset Masada Bar History Dome Anointing Hotel

Winter Holidays

Advent is the time of Christmas Markets. After some warm start the days became colder and New Year started with hoar frost.

Reindeer Leaf Ice Star Christmas tree Christmas tree Frost Winter

Pictures 2016 and older

Pictures taken during 2016 or older

Hail Spider Sunset Butterfly Polestar Connemara Aran Skellig Waterford Flower Library Flower Fuchsia Daylily Cat Sunset Sunset Cornflower Neu-Anspach Lemur Flying zebra foal Viola Luminale Seafront

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