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Candles on the christmas tree

The candles on the christmas tree indicated that the year is about to end. A Happy New Year to everybody.

Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree

Winter begins

It's becoming cold.

Dancing Shoes Ice Rose Season's greetings


The autumn was not always sunny, but this is somewhat expected.

Leaf Rainy Drops Pattern

Zoo Duisburg

When visiting our daughter we had the chance to spend a few hours in the Zoo of Duisburg

Tiger Emu Koala Amazon river dolphin


Today was the last day of the Blickachsen exhibition. Blickachsen is an exhibition of contemporary sculpture and installations by leading as well as promising international artists which takes place throughout the summer every two years in the historical parks of Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe. So before we missed it again we took a walk through the parks.

Leaf Walking Car Riding


After the summer vacation we enjoyed the summer back home.

Golden Aster Funfair Flower Locomotive Rose Leaf Valley Leaf

Vacation in sunny Italy (Private)

This year we spent our vacation in sunny Italy. This year the weather was similar at home and in Italy, so it was not really necessary to drive that much to get some sun. However we saw so many art in all the museums that we got a culture shock. We shot many picture and it will take some time to tag them.

Sunset Michelangelo's David Arno river and Ponte Vecchio Villa Sunset Plates Sphère Bird Sunset Suitcase Piazza del Campo Leaning tower Colosseum Obelisco Columns Temple of Vesta Rail Window Tiber Colonnade St. Peter's Basilica Mangabey Ring-tailed lemur Living vertical Lizard

Beach, Ancient & Adventure

At the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya it is possible to watch the surfers at breakfast. The nearby Apollonia National Park is worth a visit and then there was an adventure along the Tsipori river.

Surfer Surfer Surfer Surfer Tree Dragonfly ATV Fountain


The nice summer weather makes all the flowers to bloom.

Foxglove Bud Daisy Lilium

Opel Zoo and summer flowers

The summer has a hard start with a lot of rain. Luckily we were not affected from the flooding in the east and south. The June had then some nice days hopefully the start of a gorgeous summer.

Rhododendron Cat Zebra Meerkat Cheetah Bussard Relaxing Strawberries

Hochhausfestival 2013

The tickets to visit the skyscrapers were without charge but too many people wanted them. Within 3 hours all 80000 tickets were gone, although we tried all the time to get one we failed. Luckily my wife won two tickets from the local newspaper.

Artistry Wheel Drying Roof

Hessenpark and Zoo in Spring

Although the weather is rather mixed we had some nice hours in the Hessenpark and the Frankfurt Zoo. The Hessenpark is an open air museum which show old buildings. The flowers of cause enjoy the rain. Also interesting is the difference in the Dandelion habitat within two weeks. Comparing the blooming two weeks ago with the current state shows the difference of a few days.

Marketplace gear-wheel Kohlenmeiler Tulip Alley Tiger Tiger Tiger Zebra Katta Bienenfresser Seahorse

Flowers, Night of the Museums and a cat enjoying the sun

In April and May all the flowers started blooming just after the last snow vanished. The night of the museums allow to visit to visit most of the Museums in Frankfurt and some in Offenbach with just one ticket. Unfortunately we got tired in the middle of the night and had to return back home. The sun was shining and not only we were enjoying it but also a cat.

Catkin Tulip Dandelion Alley Cat

Beach, Park and Shopping

This time visit in Herzliya had the chance to walk along the beach to Tel Aviv, then through the Park to Azrieli Center.

Gate Alley Gate Street Surfin Lobby Morning Moon Lizard Butterfly Garden Tower Azrieli Center

Cooking and a spring walk

Cooking with the new stove and a walk along the Tannenwaldallee in Bad Homburg in the afternoon.

Cooking Gotisches Haus Kleiner Tannenwald Tannenwaldallee

A day in the Zoo of Frankfurt

The first day looking like spring this year.

Tamandua Birth of a bird Duck Crocus

Flying through Europe

This could also be named from snow to summer at the beach and back.

Flowers Wing Needles Snow

Will spring come?

Begin of March and the snow seems to melt and some flowers already take the chance to break through the snow.

Forest Moss Breakthrough Breakthrough

Winter continues

Looks like we will get the darkest winter since sixty years. It could be even more than this is when the systematic recording was started. The days were not as cold as some of the pictures look like.

Puddle Frost Path Flow

Winter 2013

January and February are the winter months and they showed it with snow and ice. The downside was little sun so far.

Deer Flow Frozen Leaf Forest Snowy forest Blue & White Winter view

Pictures 2012 and older

Pictures taken during 2012 or older

SunTrust Plaza SunTrust Plaza Stone Mountain Interstates in Atlanta Red Panda Rabbits Flower Red Squirrel Flowers in Byparken Preikestolen Beach Gate Dome of the Rock Cactus spines Flower Indian Peafowl Main and Garden Tower Tulips Schipfe Shells Ice Jags

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