Roland's Picture Blog 2016


Autumn comes with the colors in leaves and some heavy weather.

Leaf Leaves Hail Amaryllis


In October we visited two Zoos. The nearby ones are the Opel Zoo in Kronberg and the Zoo of Frankfurt.

Cactus Savanne Fight Panda

Summer, sun, fun, flowers and festivals

Hot summer is here and brought a lot of fun. Unfortunately also my Canon 500d stopped working after all the years. So those are the last pictures from it.

Spider Viola Steam Sunset


This year we spend our summer vacation in Ireland. As expected the weather wasn't nice but we had a great time driving along the coast. We saw every day new interesting things.

Butterfly Sheeps Polestar Lough Beagh Flower Céide Fields Kylemore Connemara Aran Beach Burren Skellig Path Waterford Flower Library

Palmengarten Frankfurt

The exotic flowers of the Palmengarten in Frankfurt are always worth a visit.

Flower Hibiscus Flower Schneckenfaden Seerose Blauraute Daylily Rose

Summer and Flowers

Summer brings hot days and flowers at home.

Fuchsia Daylily Spiraea Sonnenblumenwiese Nigella Flowers Cat Stiefmütterchen

Business and History

Another business trip, but this time two weeks with a weekend in between. The weekend allowed to visit some historic sites from the roman empire and even before.

Flower Sunset Haifa Sunset Surfer Flower Surfer Surfer


A nice sunday afternoon at the Vogelburg.

Rose Cockatoo Flower Macaw

Early Summer

In June we had some nice hot summer days were you could also enjoy the late evening outside. The flowers are still blooming and there were nice sunsets and blue hours.

Samara Cornflower Neu-Anspach Geranium


The nice sunny days in spring got us to go to the zoo. Not only into one or two zoos, no we visited three zoos. Those were the zoos of Frankfurt and Cologn as well as the Opel Zoo.

Tamarin Dragon Okapi Grape hyacinths Dragon Bonobo Lemur Teeths Flying zebra foal Giraffe Red Panda Viola

Spring flowers

In May Spring came and there were flower everywhere. We really enjoyed all the colors and the fresh green.

Flower Flower Flower Leaf

Nacht der Museen

This time we went somewhat outside to the suburb Höchst. The Bolongoro palace will be a construction site the next few years so this was the last chance to visit it for some time.

Palace Höchst Kochkunst Kaisersaal

Easter, flowers, a cat and more flowers

Around easter the flowers start to bloom.

Daffodils Flower Tulip Traubenhyazinthen

Saalburg, Frankfurt and Luminale

Visiting the Roman Empire fortress Saalburg, Frankfurt and the Luminale event.

Saalburg Luminale Luminale Luminale

Flowers and Ice

Preparing for spring watching flowers.

Osterglocke Ice Tulip Snow

Still winter

It is still winter, but it is enlighted with some colorful flowers.

Tulips Fog Daffodil Ice

Tel Aviv

A business trip brought me for a few days to Tel Aviv.

Shopping Seafront Dawn Thorns Tel Aviv Jaffa Stargate Crazy

Winterlichter im Palmengarten

The Palmengarten organize every year a light festival. This gives the opportunity to visit the Palmengarten at nigth.

Garden Teich Camellia Palmenhaus


In January the winter finally enjoyed us with some snow and ice.

Rhododendron Jupiter Path Homburg Marmorstein Taunus Sunrise Sunrise

Pictures 2015 and older

Pictures taken during 2015 or older

Wreath Sunset Sunset Rose Mortale Fireworks Sekt Drops Racing Fireworks Flying Sunset Chandelier Elbflorenz Carousel ECB Blue Peafowl Schwebefliege Rose Flamingoflower Damselfly View Seerose

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