Roland's Picture Blog 2011

Private pictures from the golden anniversary and birthday of my parents/father

Gorgeous weekend in Hamburg

Great weather, sightseeing, Lion King and the Miniatur Wunderland. We enjoyed some relaxed days in a great city.

Elbphilharmonie Drydock Elevated tracks Seagull Town hall Port Port Miniatur Wunderland Miniatur Wunderland Miniatur Wunderland Miniatur Wunderland Kofferkuli Race

Business trip into the sun to the beach

Nice beaches, blue sky, warm air and colourful sunsets.

Beach Sunset Flow Traces

Flowers, Festival and Fun

The summer showed a lot blooming flowers. The nice weather allowed a lot of fun, for example at the "Laternenfest" in Bad Homburg or the Usinger "Schlossgartenfest".

Wegwarte Wild teasel Maize Malva Touch me not Laternenfest Spiderweb Bench Maize Hollyhock Mallow (Rosen-Malve) Bloom Dawn

A walk from Jaffa to Herzliya

A free morning with nice weather allowed to visit the "Old Town" in Jaffa and to walk back all the way back to the Hotel in Herzliya. The walk along the shore is quite nice. Most of the way there is a boardwalk/promenade and the last part was done directly on the beach.

Alley Old Jaffa Wishing Bridge Tel Aviv Flea Market Bird Port Clams Coverage Beach walk Beach access Okeanos

Tenerife & La Gomera Private

This year summer vacation was split between the canary islands Tenerife and La Gomera.

Cactus Pool Ride Dolphins Underwater Parque Whale Sunset Mountains Cairns Cascade Hotel Dragonfly Path Branches Dusk Rainforest Agave Dragonfly Aeonium

More football

It is not only possible to experience the world championship for women's national association football teams in the stadium. In Frankfurt there was public view possible on screens swimming on the Main river. The evening was then closed with a show and fireworks.

viewing show firework & show firework

Early Summer

Some early but hot summer pictures.

Cornflower Bird St John's wort Ladybug

2011 FIFA Women's World Cup In Germany

This year the world championship for women's national association football teams was held in Germany. I had the chance to attend a match between Brasil with Marta against Equatorial Guinea. The match ended 3:0 for Brasil.

goal Marta penalty skyline

Summer starts!

Some beautiful days end of June with a lot of blooms.

Bloom Leaf Tree Spiderweb Butterfly Field Bindweed Clover Cornflowers

Hessentag Private

Germany is organized into 16 states. One of it is named "Hessen" and arranges an state event "Hessentag" every year. The event happens every year in a different town of the state and despite it's name the event is running for more than a week. This years event was hosted by the town of Oberursel near Frankfurt and attracted 1.400.000 visitors in 10 days. There are big international show acts, for example we went to Roxette, Scorpions and Bryan Adams, but there are really much more local clubs showing what they are doing. The show acts of our kids at the Hessentag is in the restricted access private part.

Ferris wheel Hessentag Roxette Rock'n'Roll

Bumble bee

In June every sunny day the bumble bees were collecting nectar.

Bumble bee Bumble bee Bumble bee

A day in the Zoo of Cologne

We used a sunny public holiday to visit the Zoo in Cologne.

Crocodile Meerkat Elephant Elephant Elephants Heron Crane Flamingos

Abschlussfest der Giraffenklasse Privat

Die Grundschulzeit endet dieses Jahr für die Giraffenklasse der Grundschule an der Wiesenau in Neu-Anspach. Mit einem fröhlichen Fest wurde dieser Anlass gefeiert. Die meisten Bilder sind im privaten Album.

Aussicht Grill Zeltlager Lagerfeuer

Another trip to Ra'anana

In May I had to go again to Ra'anana. The trip started sunday, but before I was able to take some nice pictures of bees humming on flowers. Unfortunately there was a lot of work so not too much pictures from Israel, but some from the flight and airport.

Magpie Bee A380 Herzliya beach Sde Dov Airport Flower Hermit House Clouds

Flowers & Nacht der Museen in Frankfurt

The night of the museums in Frankfurt allows to enter nearly all museums in Frankfurt with a single ticket.

Blowballs Tower & Moon Museum of the police Money Museum

A sunny day in the Opel-Zoo

The first of May was this year on a Sunday, so one free day less this year. The day was sunny, warm and not too hot. A really enjoyable day.

Giraffes Bird Elephant Lynx Flower Cheetah Firefox Firefox

Birth of blossoms

Within 6 days these buds devolops to beautifull blossoms.

Blossoms Blossoms Blossoms Blossoms Blossoms Blossoms

Easter bunnies

The easter weekend show gorgeous weather and our two bunnies got the chance to explore the garden. The name of the black one is princess Daisy and the name of the beige bunny is princess Peach. Although everything looked fine Daisy died suddenly two weeks later at the age of seven without any apparent reason.

Daisy Daisy Daisy Peach Peach Daisy Peach Peach & Daisy

More spring pictures

Spring continued and here are some more spring pictures.

Lamb Growing leaves Bird Grassland in the morning Tulip Cone Dandelion Daffodil Cat Bleeding heart Tulip Cherry petals

Spring, spring, spring all around

Some sunny and warm days and blooming is everywhere. The good weather even made barbeque possible and we enjoyed the first barbeque this year very much. The hr3@night festival in Frankfurt also featured real nice weather and this makes the changing of locations (20 locations and 50 acts) easy and even waiting for entry was nice. The highlight was Sunrise Avenue.

Crocus Willow catkin Orchid Orchid Growing Bleeding heart Blooming Blooming Hippo Dragon Bird Blooming

Awaiting spring to come

The winter was long and cold, but now the first flowers are blooming. Sunshine and blooming flowers immediately give the impression of Spring although it still can be very cold. The crocus for example have to fight with hoar frost in the morning.

Galanthus Orchid Bird Bird Cat Tulips Feldberg Crocus

Winter & Ice

Although this year snow started in November and there was a lot of snow in December there is still winter in January and February. Not much snow, but cold.

Snow Sculpture Melting Snow Icy Road Snow & Ice Ice on the fence Hard life Hoar frost Water & Ice Water & Ice Hoar frost Water & Ice Water & Ice

Tel Aviv & Israel

A one week business trip to Ra'anana near Tel Aviv. There was one night for taking pictures in nightly Tel Aviv.

Arrival in Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv Town Hall Sculptures on the balcony Azrieli Center round tower Bridge pier Surfer Bus Palm

Roses & Cat

For the wedding anniversary I got a rose bouquet as a gift. During the photo session neighbours cat was walking in, so the shooting continued with the cat.

Rose Cat Rose Cat

Melting & Freezing

A few warmer days allowed to see the snow melting away drop by drop. But as soon as almost all snow was gone the frost returned. The freezing created some interesting patterns.

Drop Hoar frost Frozen creek Hoar frost

New Year 2011 in Hamburg

At the last day of 2010 we started a short weekend trip to Hamburg. We spend the evening on boat doing a harbour cruise. It wasn't clear if this could happen as it was rather cold and there was a lot of ice on the Elbe river. But the boat was going out, returned later to pick up two more people and went out again. It wasn't a really clear night so the sight wasn't perfect. Anyway the fireworks in the sky over Hamburg was great and the view from the Port of Hamburg from the boat was marvelous.

The next day we spend at the Minatur Wunderland, it is the largest model railway in the world. There are not only trains, but cars, trucks, ships, space shuttle and even a UFO are moving. The number of details is really fascinating, for example an open air concert was modelled with 20000 visitors. There are accidents, a murder set, a CNN team at work and seasonal even Santa Claus was at work. The 6m high model of the Matterhorn was only possible using two floors. And the peridical night periods allowed a total different impression of the site, for example Las Vegas showed its colours at night.

Hamburg Town Hall Life Savers Shopping Mall Hamburg World Ship Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Speicherstadt Station Open Air Switzerland Bridge Fire Pippi Longstocking Santa Demo Relaxing Layered Tracks Las Vegas CNN Theater Freedom Hotel Ice & Ships

Pictures 2010 and older

Pictures taken during 2010 or older

Snow covered horses Morning fog A380 landing in Frankfurt Spider Blue hour after sunset in the port of pomena on the island of Mljet Dubrovnik Tornado Michel Fountain Flower St. Elizabeth's Church flower Water Lilies Lizard Skyline Luminale customizable lights Love padlocks Shopping in MyZeil Hauptwache Castello Sforzesco

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